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NWBS Seed Bead Group

Fourth Sunday of the month from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm
Maplewood Rock & Gem Club
8802 196th St SW, Edmonds

Click here for driving directions

An example of what you can do with seed beads!
Created by Jennifer Brown

This gorgeous bracelet crafted by Julia Henry is the
result of one of our 2008 lessons.

At each regular meeting the group has the chance to learn a new stitch, medium, project or technique using mostly seed beads (hence the name!). These sessions are typically led by a fellow member and supply lists are provided on the Seedbeaders yahoogroup listing. Partic-ipation in the lesson is optional. So if the pro-ject doesn’t interest you just bring along some-thing else do.

These Sundays also include a show-and-tell of seed bead related items that you’ve made or found and a potluck lunch. YUM!

So... X out those Sundays on your calendar, grab your beads, supplies, tools, etc., any seed bead related treasures you want to share and/or brag about, some tasty grub & join in the fun. Check out our 'Seedbeaders' Yahoo Group (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/search?query=seedbeaders) for more info on upcoming projects, supplies to bring, etc.


**Presently the Seed Bead Group is subsidized by the NWBS. Keeping this in mind, we respectfully ask that if you like these meetings and decide to continue attending them that you join the Northwest Bead Society membership. The cost is only $30/year. You’d pay more than that for just two movies (with NO treats)!

2018 Upcoming Meetings

  01/28/2018:  CRAW Shapes—Debby Zook
  Note: We'll also be selecting projects for the rest of 2018 at this meeting.

  02/25/2018:  Circles & Cones—Vivian Estavia

  03/25/2018:  A New Star Earrings—Ann Wilkinson

  04/22/2018:  Diamond Embellished Herringbone Necklace—Marla Baer-Peckham

  05/27/2018:  Georgia McMillan—Modified Square Stitch

  06/24/2018:  Diamonduo Bracelet—Vivian Estavia

  07/22/2018:  Ruffle Disk Earrings & Bracelet—Jennifer Porter

  08/26/2018:  Russian Spiral—Georgette Magnin

  09/23/2018:  Dutch Spiral—Shelly Gillmann

  10/28/2018:  Warped Square Star—Marla Baer-Peckham

  11/18/2018:  Left Turn From A Gwen Fisher Project—Jennifer Porter
  Note: This is the third Sunday in November.

  12/16/2018:  Annual Winter Holiday Party—no project
  Note: This is the third Sunday in December.
  Location: Maplewood Rock & Gem Club


  01/22/2017:  Freeform Embellished RAW—Jennifer Porter
  Note: We voted to select projects for the rest of 2017 at this meeting.

  02/26/2017:  Bordered Bodies—Vivian Estavia

  03/26/2017:  Peyote Rope with Twin Beads—Debby Zook

  04/23/2017:  Ribbon Bracelet—Ellen Lambright

  05/28/2017:  Beaded Fish—Georgia McMillan

  06/25/2017:  Medieval Garden Bracelet—Jayashree Paramesh

  07/23/2017:  DiamonDuos Snowflake—Debby Zook

  08/27/2017:  Bling-y Bracelet—Ellen Lambright

  09/24/2017:  Turkey Earrings—Shelly Gillman

  10/22/2017:  Stella Doppia—Debby Zook

  11/19/2017:  3D Starflake—Julie Dubois
  Note: This is the 3rd Sunday in Nov.

  12/9/2017:  Annual Holiday Party—no project
  Note: there is both a date & location change for the December holiday party. It will be held on the second SATURDAY from 10:30 AM - 3:00 PM at the Richmond Beach Congregational Church in Shoreline. More details are in the September newsletter.


  1/24/2016:  Zig-Zag Peyote Earrings—Marla Baer-Peckham
  Note: We voted on class projects for the remainder of 2016 (and early 2017) at this meeting.

  2/28/2016:  Super Duo Triangle Earrings—Jennifer Brown

  3/20/2016:  Cat Earrings—Jennifer Brown
  Note: This was the 3rd Sunday in March.

  4/24/2016:  Embellished RAW Bracelet—Eileen Nelson

  5/29/2016:  Cobblestone Earrings—Jay Paramesh
  Note: This is the 5th Sunday in May.

  6/26/2016:  Russian Spiral Lariat—Jan Stewart

  7/24/2016:  RAW Celtic Links—Julie Dubois

  8/28/2016:  Netted Princess Rope—Debby Zook
  9/25/2016:  Christmas Tree Earrings—Kathy Repp

  10/23/2016:  Poinsettia Bracelet—Marla Baer-Peckham

  11/20/2016:  No Project—Bring your own beadwork
  Note: This is the 3rd Sunday in Nov.

  12/4/2016:  NWBS Joint Holiday Party
  Note: This is the 1st Sunday in Dec.


  1/25/2015:  Heart Pendant—Ellen Lambright

  2/22/2015:  Netted Crystal Bracelet—Marla Baer-Peckham

  3/22/2015:  Filled Herringbone & Chenille Stitch Necklaces—Debby Zook

  4/26/2015:  Crystal Pendant—Marla Baer-Peckham

  5/31/2015:  Mosaic Bracelet—Jennifer Brown

  6/28/2015:  Flame Pendant/Earrings—Karen Williams

  7/26/2015:  Tila Patchwork Bracelet—Jennifer Brown

  8/23/2015:  Birds of a Feather—Vivian Estavia

  9/27/2015:  Holiday Bell Earrings—Marla Baer-Peckham

  10/25/2015:  Twin Bead Snowflakes—Debby Zook

  11/22/2015:  No Project—Bring Your Own

  12/13/2015:  Annual Holiday Party


  1/26/2014:  Peyote & Crystal Row Bracelet—Ellen Lambright

  2/23/2014:  Snowflake Pendant—Julie Dubois

  3/23/2014:  Beaded Bauble—Debby Zook

  4/27/2014:  Byzantine Chain—Theresa Cleary

  5/18/2014:  Tila Bracelet—Liz Browning

  6/22/2014:  Peyote Santa and Tree Bracelet—Ellen Lambright

  7/27/2014:  Miracle Marble—Laurinda Anglin

  8/24/2014:  Daisy Chain Bracelet—Shelly Vollstedt

  9/28/2014:  Sultan's Hat Beaded Bead—Marla Baer-Peckham

10/19/2014:  Beaded Tassel—Karen Williams

12/7/2014:  Annual HolidayParty (Bead Swap Game, Bead Challenge Reveal, Gift Exchange)


  1/27/13:  Felted Beads, Glass Cabochons—Shelly Volstedt & Shelly Gillmann

  2/24/13:  Memory Wire Memory Bangle—Jennifer Brown

  3/24/13:  Cabochon Bezels w/ Closed Back—Marcy Kleckner

  4/28/13:  Kumihimo—Shelly Gillmann

  5/19/13:  Embellished Peyote Cuff—Marla Baer-Peckham

  6/23/13:  Zulu Square Tube—Ann Wilkinson

  7/28/13:  Jelly Fish Pendant—Jennifer Porter

  8/25/13:  Square Stitch Bracelet—Donna Galstad

  9/22/13:  Slider Bead—Julie Dubois

10/20/13:  Flat Spiral—Shirley Pauls

12/8/13:  Holiday/Planning (decide following year's programs, gift exchange, challenge reveal, bead swap game)
[Combination Nov/Dec Meeting on 2nd weekend of December, because the 1st weekend is Thanksgiving Weekend]


  1/22/12:  Pearl/Crystal Bangle—Debbie Johnson

  2/26/12:  Fingerknotting—Georgia McMillan

  3/25/12:  Bohemian Wrap—Kate Parsons

  4/22/12:  Huichol Baskets—Debby Zook

  5/20/12:  Ribbon Pouch—Shirley Pauls

  6/24/12:  "Corset & Stays" Right Angle Beaded Bead—Karen Williams

  7/22/12:  N'debele (aka Herringbone) Tube—Deanna Raabe

  8/26/12:  Russian Leaves & St. Petersberg Leaves—Jennifer Brown

  9/23/12:  African Helix—Janet Thompson

10/21/12:  Snowflakes—Debby Zook

12/02/12:  Holiday Program


  1/23/11:  Peyote/Seaweed Technique—Jennifer Porter

  2/27/11:  Bring Your Own Project—workshop rescheduled due to health and weather

  3/27/11:  Bead Embroidery—Georgia McMillan
                 Wire Bird Feet Demo—Shelly Gillmann

  Note:    "April" meeting has been pushed one week into May
  5/1/11:  Viking Knit, Advanced—Kathy Repp
                Viking Knit, Beginning—Ann Wilkenson

  5/22/11:  Donut Treatments—Vivian Robb, Shirley Pauls, and Ellen Lambright

  6/26/11:  Dayna Chain—Cindy

  7/24/11:  Russian Spiral—Debby Zook

  8/28/11:  African Helix—Janet Thompson

  9/25/11:  Finishes—Tentative
                 Multi Strand w/2-Bead Closure—Shelly Gillmann

10/30/11:  French Flowers—Liz White

12/4/11:  Holiday Program—Facilitated by Shelly Gillmann
                Choosing Future Programs
                2011 Challenge Reveal
                Gift Exchange: Bead Related, Less-than-$10, Participation is Optional


  1/24/10:  Snowflake Medallions—Debby Zook

  2/28/10:  Exploring Herringbone #1 of 2—Debby Zook and Victoria

  3/28/10:  Beaded Cabochon Bezel Techniques—Georgia McMillan, Connie Mitro-Johnson, Jennifer Brown, and Laura Jessup

  4/25/10:  Micro Macramé—Tentative

  5/23/10:  Exploring Herringbone #2 of 2—Debby Zook and Connie Mitro-Johnson

  6/27/10:  Rings—Bonnie & Gloria (beaded), Shelly Gillmann(wire)

  7/25/10:  Brick Stitch earrings or pendants—Vivian Robb and Ellen Lambright

  8/22/10:  St. Petersburg—Deanna Raabe and Jennifer Brown

  9/26/10:  Diagonal Peyote—Debbie Johnson

10/24/10:  Etruscan Chain—Barbara; Beginning Wirework—Shelly Gillmann

12/05/10:  Holiday/Business Program


  1/25/09:  Ruffles—Debby Zook

  2/22/09:  Flat Spiral w/Crystals—Connie Mitro-Johnson & Ellen Lambright

  3/22/09:  Russian Snake Stitch Bracelet—Debbie Johnson

  4/26/09:  Crystal Daisy Bracelet—Jennifer Brown

  5/17/09:  Netted Potato Chip Bail—Vivian Robb

  6/28/09:  Magic Marbles—Laurinda Anglin and Patricia Hardway

  7/26/09:  Right Angle Weave Box #1 of 2—Janet Thompson

  8/23/09:  Right Angle Weave Box #2 of 2—Janet Thompson

  9/27/09:  Paper Beads—Barbara Davidson

10/25/09:  Beaded Fish—Georgia McMillan

12/06/09:  Holiday Program—There will be a break for a potluck lunch and a show & tell.

To get the “buzz” on this group, visit the “Seedbeaders” group (not to be confused with "Seedbeads") on Yahoo. A supply list for the next project is posted a few weeks in advance.



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